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Entrepreneur & Employee Development Programs

Business and Professional Development Programs

Practical skills to elevate your teams

Entrepreneurs and founders create sustainable futures. When you invest in skills that contribute to your employees’ business development, you can help them become more productive, be fully engaged, find an ideal work-life balance and most importantly yield higher rates of employee job satisfaction reducing organizational turnover.


ThrivePoint Programs applies our Team Methodology: Explore, Align, Develop and Deliver approach to prescribe best-fit solutions for your organization.

We help invest in employee growth and development
The TrivePoint Methodology

Tailored programs can be designed for your needs but most requested program options include:

  • Taking the Lead – Designed for managers and leaders who are new to their roles. 

  • Presenting for Impact – Designed for anyone who makes formal presentations to co-workers, board members, internal or external customers, and potential funders.

  • Beyond the Program Mentoring – After completion of the BGAP (Business Growth Acceleration Program), we’ll work with you to determine specific organizational focus goals, then we’ll assign a mentor from our Resource Network.

  • Strategic Planning – Customized for the appropriate audience, from the executive level to field level. 

  • Innovation Culture – Focuses on building sustainable value creation through entrepreneurial thinking.

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