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A Certified Woman-Owned Consulting Firm

We are passionate about providing tailored learning programs to support the business goals of organizations large and small. 

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About Our Approach

You deserve a custom-tailored solution for your business.

At ThrivePoint Programs, our solutions integrate our Team Methodology to serve your unique set of needs and deliver a dynamic, accommodating approach that will increase the chances of long-term financial success, stability and sustainability. The program we create for you may include:

  • Mentorship

  • Consulting

  • Training engagements

  • Custom curriculum

  • Access to a network of successful entrepreneurs and executives

These services can be in the form of one-on-one mentoring, virtual instruction, classroom-style delivery, or in-depth, hands-on analysis and execution of business practices. Most of our engagements include a mix of these modes depending on your particular needs, all designed for not just a transfer of knowledge, but for a change in behavior. 

About The Team

Meet an experienced, passionate team dedicated to your success.

Through specialized mentoring, training and consulting, our experienced team works to maximize the immediate success of your business and equip your team with tools and knowledge for sustainable growth. We have a breadth of experience helping Fortune 100 companies meet their supplier diversity spend goals. At ThrivePoint Programs, we provide invaluable mentorship and training to support business leaders at every stage in implementing sustainable growth plans. 


A ThrivePoint solution is driven by our diverse team of experts — veterans of innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, change management, strategic planning and business development — who have individually succeeded at the highest levels of their respective fields. As a trusted organizational development consultant, we recognize the power of the transfer of knowledge and will pair you with a mentor from our roster of seasoned professionals who is best suited to support your specific industry and business needs. Our core team works with project teams from our network that are tailored for each program.

Meet The Founder

Dina Finta


Hi, I’m Dina, a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary who seamlessly blends the worlds of business, wellness, and purpose. My background includes achievements such as becoming a Certified Dig Facilitator, founding successful businesses, and earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

In my role as the Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship, I honed my expertise in helping individuals like you strategically navigate the path to sustainable business growth, effectively manage overwhelm, and

find a harmonious balance between your professional and personal lives.


Guided by unwavering principles of honesty, integrity, passion, and purpose, my focus centers on leadership development, mentorship, fostering collaboration, and aligning your life's purpose. 


Through our many program options, at ThrivePoint Programs, we will equip you with the essential tools and insights to tackle stress head-on and gain clarity on your path.


Together, let's embark on a transformative journey where you'll gain the confidence and expert guidance needed to lead your business to the next level. 


You'll not only conquer overwhelm but also thrive as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and visionary leader. 

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How We Thrive

We maintain a growing and supportive network of educated, passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs. Through our diversity of knowledge and breadth of experience, we empower teams of all sizes to realize their fullest potential. Our team does this by following ThrivePoint Programs’ values:







Our Clients


Start Thriving Today.

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