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Business Growth Acceleration Program

Join the top corporate training program for diversity-driven brands.


Who Should Enroll In The Business Growth Acceleration Program?

The Business Growth Acceleration Program (BGAP) is designed to support:

  • Entrepreneurs with existing businesses looking to pivot or supplement their current lines of business

  • Leaders ready for deep conversations w/experienced Fortune 500 mentors + other business owners on best growth practices

  • Business owners open to broadening their thinking about what sustainable, profitable future businesses might look like

  • Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) who currently engage or wish to increase business with corporations

Through the development and execution of a thoughtful strategic plan, BGAP helps MBEs meet their enterprise client needs and Corporations meet their stated spending goals with diverse businesses.

Program Results

  • accountability & confidence to take action towards stated goals 

  • expanded thinking on what the possible future might look like

  • rich collaborations with other participant organizations

  • confidence in submitting for larger projects

  • measurably higher rates of revenue growth 

  • growth in jobs created + benefits offered

  • pivots to new lines of business

  • scalability to meet larger client needs

  • immediate concept application guided by mentorship

  • sustained impacts & behaviors

  • deeper corporation supplier diversity conversations

The BGAP Experience

Our hybrid offering includes virtual sessions to brainstorm and implement practical business ideas + some in person opportunities for connection

  • 5 months of real-world expertise & experiences

  • 10 90-minute virtual instructor-led training modules

  • 2 in-person events

  • 4 one-on-one scheduled mentoring sessions tailored to your specific company challenges + needs

  • Deep discussions on strategic growth possibilities

  • Networking & collaboration opportunities

BGAP's Curriculum

Through thoughtful training modules, students in our corporate training program will learn a variety of applicable methodologies including:

  • Strategic growth planning: documenting a 1-2 year strategic guidebook

  • Leadership: impactful leadership with purpose, developing new leadership

  • Employee engagement: authentic communication and connection

  • Business diversification

  • Market research: identifying and reaching existing customer pool + new relationship targets

  • Finance: funding growth, using your financial statements to guide decisions 

  • Scenario planning: consideration of multiple growth options

  • Technology for engagement and retention: website, social tools, AI

BGAP Credentials

We work hand in hand with corporate supplier diversity program leaders and business executives on development and delivery of BGAP-type programs. Project teams are hand-selected based on the goals of each tailored program.

Instruction And Mentor Resource Team

The success of ThrivePoint Program’s BGAP is driven by the depth of real-world experience of its team of experts, practitioners, and leaders. Through their practical experience as CEOs, board members, investors, supply chain operators, business strategists and entrepreneurs, these industry leaders bring a uniquely powerful range of entrepreneurial knowledge to the program. This broad industry representation both rewards and challenges participants who are looking to develop and strengthen their businesses from every angle. Learn more about our mentor network.

Business Meeting

How Do You Begin Your Business Growth Accelerator Program Journey?

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