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Navigating Success: Why Executive Leadership Development Matters

Dina Finta, Founder

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Let's talk about something important in the world of business: executive leadership. Once you've ascended to the summit of your career through diligence and skill, it's tempting to grow complacent about acquiring new knowledge. But here's the thing: having talent and working hard is just the beginning. To become a truly effective leader, you must constantly evolve, improve, and grow.

I remember when I led my first company. As most leaders do, I worked extremely hard and hired good people who aligned well with our goals. But as I think back on my experience, I missed some key factors that would have really helped me take my leadership and our company to another level of success.

Why Executive Leadership Development Programs Are Important

Because we are working hard and putting in long hours, leaders often put professional development on the back burner. Not seeking new learning and development opportunities was a mistake I made early in my career. Now, I make sure I constantly change, grow, and learn, but I wish I had done more of this in the early days! I have come to realize that it isn’t about just boosting my leadership skills, but about creating a thriving company where you and your team can truly flourish.

Let's dive into why continuous development is a big deal for executive leaders like us.

First off, the business world is always changing! From new technologies popping up to shifts in what customers want, it can be a non-stop whirlwind. To keep up, we must be on top of things, learning and adapting as we go.

In addition, we are being watched or at least, observed. Our employees, customers and investors want leaders who are transparent, ethical, and on top of their game. By staying in the loop with what's happening in the world and honing our skills, we can meet those expectations head-on.

Succeeding is not just about crunching numbers anymore. We have to be great communicators, problem-solvers, and decision-makers. Developing these skills takes time and effort, but it is well worth it!

Continuous development isn't just good for us. It's good for our teams and our companies too. When we're open to learning and trying new things, we create a culture where everyone feels empowered to do the same. That's when the magic happens: innovation, growth, and all the things that make your company successful and unique.

So, what does this commitment to growing our knowledge look like? It's all about finding what works for you, whether it's enrolling in executive leadership development programs, getting a mentor, finding an accountability partner or joining a networking group. And, it's not a one-and-done deal. It's an ongoing journey leading to a lifelong adventure of growth and learning.

Personally, I am always on the lookout for these growth opportunities, but I am careful and mindful about choosing to invest my time, money and energy wisely. I look for referrals from leaders I admire or even seek opportunities to learn from them. One of my favorite trainings was a deep dive certification program to become a Dig facilitator. Having the opportunity to be part of a small, hand-selected group of smart, women leaders while learning from Erin Weed, a leader I admired greatly, was too good to pass up. I spent about a year learning and growing with this group. I not only made lifelong connections but learned to lean into my purpose and use that purpose to create authentic, real communications. What a great skill as a leader! I use this in my everyday life personally and professionally and the bonus–I am one of the Founding Dig Facilitators and get to help others find their purpose and lead with clarity!

Bottom line? Executive leadership is a big deal and ongoing development is the secret sauce that keeps us ahead of the curve. So let's keep growing, keep learning, and keep leading the way to success! You might even think of it as reimagining leadership!

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